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In a sea overpopulated by thousands of species, where everyone competes for survival, only the strong survive.
In the hectic waters of markets, as in a great ocean, competitors try to lead and conquer their space by trying to eliminate competition.

What if we told you that there is another way? That any market today was once created by someone, like a blue sea. An ocean of endless possibilities waiting to happen.

BlueShift is a change agent in the hotel sector. We foster the creation of sustained value for our Customers through an innovative approach in the areas of hotel management and consulting services.

"The change in the tourism industry"
Value Offer
Going out of your depth is only a risk if not planned. Being in the water, seeing the ground and the horizon allows us to choose where we want to go and what is the best way to get there. These are the four pillars that ensure an unequaled track record in delivering results.
Through our "Achievement Centers", we put at your disposal a team of experts with strong experience and track record in all aspects of the hotel business, responsible for the management of reference ventures in the market.
Our complete and customizable range of services allows us to support the whole cycle of tourism investment and operation, from concept development to implementation, day-to-day management and exit.
Blue Ocean
We look for innovative and creative solutions that ensure a unique space in the market, as opposed to the replication of existing strategies, leading to fierce price competition.

Meet the Team
We do not position ourselves as mere service providers. We work side by side with our clients, enhancing their performance through the transmission of new skills.
The best are the most able.
In the complementary areas of our core business we choose the best ones in the market in their field of activity. Their talent and dedication are at the service of our projects and clients, guaranteeing the same rigor and delivery capacity that define the BlueShift culture.
Lets listen those who have already sailed with us.
Whoever chooses us seeks a different vision. A voice in the market that guarantees results and promotes positive change in strategy, operation and organizational culture.
Gonçalo Cadete
Managing Partner | Estoril Capital Partners
BlueShift offers a uncommon combination of rigour on the analysis and diagnosis, in line with the best practices of international consulting companies, and deep knowledge of the tourism industry, with extensive experience on the implementation and management of hospitality operations. Hence them being the obvious choice to assist Hello Lisbon Serviced Apartments on the assessment of our current revenue management model, and on the outlining of a new model for the future, that allow us to consolidate a leadership position for the future ahead. The project deliverables fulfilled our high expectations, through the involvement of a mix of proficient professionals on revenue management, marketing, sales, operations and organizational design. We do not hesitate in recommending BlueShift as a preferred partner.
Bruno Costa Pereira
Insolvency Administrator
Partner | Causa & Feito
A team that is passionate about what they do and have absolutely unique competences. Over the years, BlueShift has been able to continually surpass itself, elevating its projects to levels of excellence, with a special ability to reconcile the interests of the promoters with the improvement of the client’s experience. I do not doubt that the secret of their success is to treat each project as unique, as if it were really their own, taking care of it and trying to improve continuously, in a simultaneous, close, agile, dedicated and extremely professional follow up.
Francisco Pedro Balsemão
CEO | Impresa
Impresa partnered with BlueShift to develop a cutting-edge project: the first TV hotel in the world. We chose them because this reputed hospitality consulting and management company shares our strategic values: innovation, capture of value in new markets, sustainable ambition and exponential growth. We are very confident that, together, we will reach our common goals.
Manuel Guedes
CEO | Grape Ideas
Member of the Board | Sogrape, SGPS
In 2017 we developed with BlueShift a strategic redefinition project for the wine tourism area at Sogrape, identifying the major development pillars for the coming years. The project went according to plan and the results obtained allowed us to anticipate with greater clarity the strategic path to follow.
Pedro Mira Vaz
COO | Indústrias Topack
COO | Topack Moçambique
We decided to study alternatives for a set of land without defined use in Maputo, Mozambique, including hotel activity. As an industry group, we decided to team with a consultant to qualify and quantify the possible uses and evaluate the market potential in the context of that location. After selection between various parties, where BlueShift stood out for the quality of the proposal, and the commitment of the partners, the project was executed with great rigor and commitment, and with a quality that far exceeded our experience with other niche consulting firms. In particular, I would like to highlight their ability to overcome the enormous shortage of market information through the creation of a local panel of experts and the development of several methodologies that allowed the articulation of the intelligence dispersed by hotel operators, companies, business associations, banks and international institutions, materializing it in actionable tools for decision support. The added value of BlueShift was instrumental in our business plan.
Jorge Calvete
Insolvency Administrator
Restructuring is much more than managing, it is taking a set of loose parts and making an engine work. To make it even harder it has to show results immediately, move fast and demonstrate profitability. BlueShift has already demonstrated that it has a team with the necessary skills to implement business restructuring measures in the hotel sector. The strengths of its elements are many but I cannot stress enough their dedication to work in a serious and experienced way. A senior but young team that always strives to succeed.
Steven Rudnitsky
We were delighted with how BlueShift opened Campo Real in just 45 days, a process that usually lasts between 6 to 12 months. BlueShift has made a difference in bringing the know-how of international chains and exhibiting high standards in Hotel operations across a number of functions. All this has contributed to a successful handover and we hope to work again with BlueShift in the near future.
Joaquim Goes
Member of the Board | Blue & Green
For the past two years I have had the opportunity to work with BlueShift in the management of one of the Aquarius Fund hotels. This experience was extremely positive, with BlueShift assuming a decisive role in the restructuring of the operation as well as in the articulation between the activity of the Hotel and the reorganization of the Resort where this hotel is inserted. I was able to see BlueShift’s deep knowledge of the critical success factors in hotel management, as well as relational skills that allowed to develop a strong team spirit among hotel employees and introduce a culture of customer orientation. In short, I think that BlueShift can be a very interesting partner in the process of restructuring hotel units due to their growing knowledge and experience.
Pedro Seabra
President and Partner | Discovery Investments
We were privileged to work with BlueShift and recognise the remarkable talent of Francisco Nogueira de Sousa in delivering significant management returns. Our collaborative partnership in one of our projects has resulted in the satisfaction of clients, staff and associates as well as positive financial results. Francisco played a fundamental role with his expertise and hotel management knowledge.
Pedro Sanches
Noronha Sanches
I Had the opportunity to work with BlueShift during the last 6 months, in an ambitious project that promised to be a game changer. However, being a game changer carries a few risks. BlueShift did a remarkable job that resulted in a very hard recommendation to “not proceed with the investment”. We were involved at every stage of the project and were given clear insight in a way that, in the end, left no doubts on the rationale of our decision. A team that assumes such a hard recommendation, even at the expense of giving up subsequent work within the project, shows integrity and competence. For this reason, I would hire BlueShift again, and also recommend them to any other investors looking into hospitality projects.
Joaquim Luiz Gomes
President | Dunas Capital
As a management company for Vega Venture Capital Fund, we contracted BlueShift for the development of the tourism program for Quinta da Rocha reconstruction project. The environmental and landscape singularity of this property, coupled with the dispersion and dimension of pre-existences, were a major challenge in defining the program, not only at the concept level, but also in order to ensure the operational efficiency of the future exploration. We introduced BlueShift from the beginning to the multidisciplinary team and we consider that the solution achieved benefited greatly from their inputs and benefited the future exploration of this tourism enterprise.
Patricia Holler
VP Design | Marriott Hotels
When a project turns into a success story, it is never the merit nor the achievement of a single person or one party only. It takes the effort of every single individual involved in that undertaking and requires all parties pulling the same ropes and into the same direction. With creativity, passion, a strong will and a high degree of collaboration you can turn a project into a true success story.
Hugo Borges
Executive Director & Regional Manager of Africa | Bank Julius Baer & Co. LDT
We are very impressed with the levels of due diligence BlueShift undertakes and the methods they employ to get the true core of hotel investment potential. Their information has allowed us to make good and solid decisions that are helping us make wise investments, with security of our global returns. We would not hesitate to recommend BlueShift to anyone who is looking to invest in hospitality.
Max de Rosee
Diretor | De Rosee SA
BlueShift are a powerful combination of business brains with hospitality management experience, equally comfortable with NPV and IRR as they are reviewing architectural plans, luxury trends or establishing key performance indicators. Thorough and collaborative, they have been advising us on our hotel concept with considerable success. Not only are they extremely professional, but they are also charming. BlueShift are setting the standard for Portugal’s exciting new economy.
Brian Mills
Why BlueShift? I would simply say that it was their ability to convert all of our requirements and brand standards into simple guest experience, focusing on delivering maximum financial benefits to our individual owners. Our choice of BlueShift as our exclusive Managing Partner for Portugal was based on our common passion for hospitality, because we recognise its tenacity in dealing with the constant changes of priorities and its indisputable track record to develop high quality Hotels and Resorts and make them profitable. We see tremendous potential in investing in the future together with BlueShift.
Hervé Joel Santos
CEO | Zayin Consulting
We have had the opportunity to work with BlueShift in the consultancy they have carried out on a project to develop a tourism concept, an operational model and an analysis of economic and financial viability for a 200 hectare property in the Algarve. The unique natural features of the property, the strong environmental and constructive restrictions, and the complex system of views have raised the challenge presented to the team. BlueShift's insights with architectural / urban planning and landscaping teams proved to be fundamental to the solution adopted, allowing to adjust the experiences and sensations to the identified target segments and always keeping in mind the objective of ensuring the operation efficiency of the enterprise.
Elmar Derkitsch
President | Portugal Marriott Council Board
General Manager | Marriott Lisboa
I would like to thank everyone for their important contribution to the WWF event. Their presentation, as well as all the explanations they provided, were spectacular and undoubtedly enhanced the event. Thank you very much for your initiatives and energy. I was very pleased about the way they work.
Catarina S.
Nine Dots Boutique Hotel
We were privileged to work with BlueShift on the project development of our hotel. The team was very professional, versatile, and fully available to support us on this challenge, sharing their knowledge and experience in this sector, which are absolutely unparalleled. We were amazed by the great enthusiasm with which they embraced our vision for the concept and the creativity of their approach, coming up with solutions that will bring additional value for the project.
António Carneiro
President | Regional Tourism Board of the West Region
Working with BlueShift in the reopening of Campo Real was a unique experience for me. The talent, pragmatism and joy of working with Francisco Nogueira de Sousa became the key to success in placing Campo Real as a high level player in the tourism sector. In just a few weeks we made a strong partnership based on "love and passion for tourism".
Pedro Rosa Ferreira
CEO | Robot
Throughout the period we have collaborated on various synergies in the hospitality industry, the BlueShift team, led by Francisco Nogueira de Sousa, has always demonstrated unique qualities, dynamism and leadership in adverse situations, as well as overcoming the challenges they face.
Marriott General Manager of the year
Francisco Nogueira de Sousa distinguished as Best General Manager of Marriott in Europe 2016
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