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“Organizations are made of people. Recognizing talent in the market, capturing it and developing its potential is the key to achieve exceptional results.”
João Silva Santos
Head of BlueShift Talent
Talent management is the foundation of all successful Organizations. It is essential to create and maintain high performance teams, that achieve sustainable results. We are the first HR consulting unit focused on the hospitality and restaurant industry. Our daily experience in hotel management and academic know-how in human capital makes us a strategic partner in the construction, development and monitoring of your team. We find the best professionals, coordinate their integration, manage their potential and give them the tools they need to develop and grow in tandem with the success of the organization.
João Silva
Head of BlueShift Talent
With a Psychology degree from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, and a Master in Corporate Social Psychology by ISCTE, João also collects extensive trainings and certifications with Marriott International. He started his career in the HR Management team of Lisboa Marriott Hotel. In addition to several consulting projects, he was the HR Manager of Dolce Campo Real Lisboa, part of the Wyndham Hotel Group, with a seat on the property’s Executive Committee. João was also the HR Director at Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, then moving to BlueShift, where he currently leads the HR Management Achievement Center and the business unit BlueShift Talent.
  • Executive search
  • Team setup
  • Employer branding
  • Integrated solution for openings -
    “Full Talent Setup”
  • Organizational change
  • Incentive systems
  • Corporate culture
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Organizational alignment
Case Studies
Success builds, one step at a time. It is not only the results of our Clients that grow. In each project we learn and develop competencies that we apply in the following projects, refining processes and adapting methodologies to ensure future success.
Recruiting of Complete Team for a New Opening
Our client was preparing the launch of a new 5 star boutique hotel.
The property was set to open on a high-growth period, with serious scarcity of qualified talent, with the added challenge of very interior, remote location, away from the main urban gateways.
The profile acquisition strategy was tailor made to the specific context of the project, with strong reliance on local sources, like local schools, council (“juntas de freguesia”), employment authorities (“IEFP” and employment centers, with very close steering and follow-up by the recruitment team. Direct channels like social media were already used, levering the network of BlueShift.
The 33 openings were closed, with a surprising total of 374 applications, of which 171 were scored as valid on the second screening.
Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy for a Hotel
Client property was a franchise of an international brand, located on a peripheral location with fierce competition for the best talent.
BlueShift developed and implemented an integrated Employer Branding strategy, starting with an assessment of the existing situation and a benchmarking of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) of the local, national and international comp set.
A new EVP was defined for the hotel, customised to its very specific context, and materialised on a specific Brand Voice for recruiting. A reference profile was also designed for the organisation.
The new EVP was then incorporated into different HR policies, like recruiting, benefit package and internal communication, among others.
The project delivered a sharp improvement on the associate recruiting and retention performance.
Performance Boost Enabled by Increased Organisational Alignment
The 5 star hotel, managed under an international franchise, had been acquired by a re-structuring fund, following a complex insolvency procedure. BlueShift was hired to manage the property, putting a strong, strategic focus on human resource management.
First step was to redefine the organisational communication setup (daily briefings, department meetings, general assemblies, etc.), to streamline the flow of information and associate involvement and sense of belonging, at all corporate levels, increasing energy and motivation on a challenging turnaround context.
The benefit package was redefined and complemented with a motivational program of exceptional performance rewarding, with an impact on variable compensation, according to specific KPIs. Team building dynamics were also implemented, particularly highlighting the accomplishment of key targets.
A comprehensive training program was designed and implemented, combining hard and soft skills, in both in-room and e-learning environments. An accelerated development program was also created for high potential associates.
The boosting of organisational alignment with the teams enabled a unprecedented 75% Engagement Score, in line with the highest performing properties within the brand, and was key to the success of the re-structuring process.
The hotel would evolve from the bottom of the 98 brand European properties ranking, to the 3rd place in Staff Service and 2nd in Overall Satisfaction.
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