Human Resources
“We manage talent to ensure results.”
Talent management is a challenge in any company. But the hotel sector presents specifics and challenges that require an approach of its own. In this "Achievement Center" we daily manage human resources in complex but organized units according to the best international practices. We can help you attract and retain the best talent, and also make the best of each employee.
  • Headhunting/Executive Search
    Based on an extensive sector network our Headhunting/Executive Search model works on a 360º basis, identifying outstanding middle and top management professionals, ready to supply your strategical and functional needs. Our criteria assessment includes an intensive interview and psychometric analysis process, managed by senior area specialists, covering key behavioral and technical aspects.
  • Change Management
    Change is the only constant. Each organization dynamics comprehend different stages during its lifespan, influenced by own goals and market trends. Blueshift provides integrated management services focusing internal change, in order to eliminate organizational entropy and maximize its positive factors. Therefore the associate engagement with the new paradigm is consolidated.
  • Engagement Survey
    Have a precise knowledge of your organization’s associate engagement indicators, as well as the existing development opportunities, in order to generate a high performance and group cohesion climate. The holistic analysis driven by BlueShift experts will allow you to gain a general snapshot in addition to all details you may need to zoom in each identified issue.
  • Employer Branding
    The competitive corporate environment where employers prioritize having the best talent, makes employer branding strategies one of the most strategic success factors. Our consulting service provides several strategic positioning scenarios, where you can find the employer value proposition that perfectly fits your organization.
  • Training
    The human capital continuous development is one of the organizational investments with highest return rates. Therefore our expertise at Blueshift allow us to develop training programs specifically for hospitality teams, through a wide range of contents related with soft and hard skills.
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